Monday, October 8, 2007

Awesome Quote about consumption

Make less, buy less, use less, throw away less
Via TreeHugger: Quote of the Day: Akkiko Busch on Consumption. (Originally from this article in BusinessWeek).

Not a lot to add, though I disagree with one point.

"But rather than view their jumbo purchases of shampoo in gallon jugs and shrink-wrapped eight-packs of T-shirts as excessive buying, they define such super-sized purchases as thrifty."
If a consumer makes a purchase of a large volume of something knowing that they will use it in time, they are executing in their own best interests. If they're purchasing larger volume containes, then they're reducing packaging. They're reducing shopping trips for all the items they are purchasing in bulk, which in our society means less fuel used for journeys to the store and less pollution generated.

I agree with her that many people don't do that, they go "cheap" thinking their getting a good deal and then change brands, or otherwise decide not to use all of the super-size product they've purchased.