Monday, October 29, 2007

Donate food, expand your vocabulary

Yanked from Green As A Thistle, this game is awesome for anyone who likes words, likes challenging themselves, and wants to donate food to the needy without spending money directly.

FreeRice is a vocabulary game, where the player is asked to choose the correct meaning of a word from 4 options. Each correct answer puts 10 grains of rice into a donation pool paid for by the sites sponsors. While I was playing the sponsors were American Express, iTunes, Macy's, TimeLife, Fujitsu, Liz Claiborne, Office Depot, and many, many others. The donated food is given to the UN Food program to manage. The site has been live for 21 days, and has already earned over 352 million grains of rice, and over 42 million on the 28th.

I'm not entirely comfortable with this estimate, but one source I found believes that a five gallon bucket can hold 1 million grains of rice and 1 cup is approximately 10,000 grains. That's a lot of food, if you assume that in combination with other foods, 2 cups of rice can probably feed an adult for a day.