Monday, October 15, 2007

Less Safe Cars == Safer Cyclists?


For the record, and as stated here, I’m pro-helmet, anti-compulsion. I also wear a seat-belt when driving. But I don’t scream around city streets in my car, using ABS braking, airbags and crumple zones as reasons to think I’m safe, bugger those outside my exoskeleton.
Interesting read, though I agree with Carlton's statement that I've quoted above. I drive my vehicles as if they were a part of myself and try to avoid anything that I perceive will cause damage to the vehicle. That said, I do drive a bit faster than the speed limit, but I try not to cut turns closely (sometime to the extreme annoyance of those in the car with me), and absolutely avoid tailgating (Oh, I know that I do it sometimes, usually if I'm agitated or really in a hurry and someone is poking along at a mere 5mph over the posted limit).