Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sometimes the 800-pound gorilla is really good...

AutoblogGreen article that discusses Wal-Mart's commitment to reducing emissions, waste as well as operating costs. Think what you will of Wal-Mart and their business practices, when the worlds largest retailer, and the US's single largest employer takes a stand, it is bound to have ripple effects.

Since the story on AutoblogGreen was posted, the Wal-Mart sustainability site is now live. No specifics on specific actions for reducing product packaging and assuring sustainability for the products that it sells, but they do address these topics. Recycled packaging, supply chain, etc.

And if the biggest retailer insists on this for its products, hopefully its suppliers will adopt the technologies and practices for all of the products they manufacture. Perhaps this is too much to expect, since the people running the factory are going to do whatever makes them the most money and satisfies the demands and contracts of their clients.