Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Teach balancing and bicycling for Toddler's

A posting just came across the local bicycle club's email distribution about a company in Rhode Island that is selling push-bikes for children. Details were a little thin, but I found the source company for the products and filled in the details.

If you want to support a small local business, consider ordering through WeeBike.com. They currently are carrying four models of the LikeABike brand products via amazon.com and expect to be offering more shortly. They are also available at the LikeABike USA site. Recommended ages is 2 to 5. The idea is that a child can learn to balance the likeabike by pushing it around, and reduce or eliminate the need for training wheels when the child gets their first bicycle. I'm very amused to see that they offer a trailer as well. Product made and designed in germany

I know a certain 18 month old daughter of 2 active cyclists who will likely receive one of these for her 2nd birthday. Probably the "Race" model, though I wonder if a something with wider wheels might be a better choice and easier to learn to balance.

Oh, and on an amusing note, at least one of the people associated with WeeBike would appear to be a fan of Orson Scott Card: the amazon seller name is enderw1gg1n.