Saturday, October 6, 2007

Whole House Phantom Power/Wallwart killer

A new product is entering the market that can be used to program switches and outlets in the home to turn off when a master switch is turned off. It sounds similar to an X-10 home automation system, though the green angle is interesting. I never got very far into the specifics of X-10, and I'm sure its evolved from where it was when I looked.

Essentially, do for your whole house what many are already doing by using surge strips with master switches to turn off entire strips of phantom loads. But, this system can do more, as it can override the thermostat as well and basically set the home into its lowest energy consumption profile every time someone walks out the door. One of the features that I thought was nice is even if the master is off, each switch and outlet can still be used.

If these could be gotten into the hands of developers at the time of home construction, they'd probably have a pretty good adoption rate. At $1100 for the starter system of 4 switches, 4 outlets, a thermostat and a master switch, a small house could probably be covered with one starter bundle.

From TreeHugger, ran across a device being sponsored by "Living with Ed"
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