Friday, November 9, 2007

Apparently its cycling day...

Just a pointer on this one to CycleDog reporting on an interview posted to the Wash Cycle.
The Wash Cycle,
a blog about cycling in Washington, DC, has an interesting interview
with Randal O'Toole from the Cato Institute - a conservative think tank
- about the futility of encouraging bicycle commuting. He said,"I don't
think encouraging cycling is going to reduce congestion or
significantly change the transportation makeup of our cities." O'Toole
is a bicycle commuter.

really is very little evidence that any of (these efforts) are reducing
the amount of driving. They're just making it more annoying to
drivers....While I think some cycling and bus projects might be cost
effective, I don't expect anything but road improvements (and road
pricing) will make a significant dent in congestion."
Article does a nice comparison of the challenges to raising cycling adoption as a valid means of transport, and takes the time to point out why what works in the heavily urbanized areas of Copenhagen and Amsterdam won't currently work in the US.

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