Monday, November 26, 2007

evo - green products and services marketplace

For those looking for a little assistance with shopping for products that qualify as green (sustainable, organic, low polluting, etc.), the evo, in beta, site may be for you.

The site has articles discussing the benefits and impacts of various products and materials, such as organic cotton and low energy lighting. Companies are rated as well as products for the greenness of their products and services. Product coverage is broad, going from clothing, to home lighting, to vehicles (Hybrid, High Fuel Efficiency conventional, diesels, electric scooters), to carbon offsetting and many others.

They also have neat little "Green Your Tree" quiz you can do that rates how green you are and puts colored leaves on a tree. For each quiz question answered their is also an explanation provided for why the question is considered to have a green impact. For instance: What percentage of the wardrobe is made up of synthetics? Impact: "Ditch that 70's look. Polyester and other synthetics use about 3.4 lbs
(about 1/2 gallon) of petrochemicals for about 7 yards of fabric.
Unlike cotton, polyester is not biodegradable." As well as links to products and articles on the site related to the question.

At the end of the profile links to save the tree, continue adding more profile questions or show recommendations is given. Additional questions are made available each day. I'm not sure what the benefit of them tracking and assigning colored leaves based on the responses is other than a little bit of fun.

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