Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tis the Season

As those of us in the northeast settle in for cold temperatures, Commute By Bike has some suggestions on how to ride in icy conditions. They also link to a cool video of some folks riding on the completely iced over Charles River in Boston.

I'll be trying my hand at cycling this winter, and hopefully won't have any significant mishaps. The biggest problem I'm having with the cold down turn is having the correct clothing. The past two Saturday's have been instructive, and while the most recent was technically colder, I was overall warmer because 1) I'd dressed my core warmer, 2) it was less windy. My fingers didn't get cold as much on the less windy day, even though I wore the same gloves.

My gear right now (only appropriate for daylight wear, not enough reflective bits in my opinion) is a long sleeve jersey and a raincoat with underarm vents, long fingered gloves with mesh backs to the finger and palms, and a thinsulate hat under my helmet. I haven't needed any other face protection so far, but I have a plan for that eventuality.

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