Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reading Roundup: Dec 19th.

To limit the amount of "read this" posting with little commentary on my part, a new recurring feature will be the Reading Roundup. Generally this will contain a list of links and a brief explanation of the post and why I think it is valuable to read.

Top 5 Reasons Why the Mortgage Crisis = Global Warming |
This post takes the stance that the mortgage crisis and global warming crisis are caused by the same phenomenon - Desire to increase wealth and maintain power at the expense of a wider population (tragedy of the commons scenario(wikipedia)).

Sizing up China’s Climate Change Efforts » Celsias
For all those saying that the US shouldn't take any steps if China and India don't agree, here's a synthesis of some of the steps China is taking to take on emissions. I particularly think that #5 is of great import as their auto market is still developing and can be shaped early by regulation.

PG&E: “Wave Is the New Wind” « Earth2Tech
Pacific Gas and Electric in California is in the news again, this time for signing a power purchase agreement from wave generation. They've already signed deals for solar thermal and other alternative energy generation. Perhaps wave generator won't trigger the "they're ugly" NIMBY response that wind mills get.

Green Car Congress: Fuel Cell Powertrain in the Honda FCX Clarity Is Significant Advancement over Predecessors
A nice article explaining advances made by Honda in hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles and an explanation of how the technology works. Doesn't address the issues with Hydrogen as a energy source/storage. (expensive /inefficient electrosis, or use of natural gas to release hydrogen and carbon monoxide)

Biomimicry: HVAC Inspired by Termites
I remember a trip to Australia a few years ago and the tour guide taking us past some very large (10+feet tall) termite mounds. The big takeaway from that experience is that the structure was designed to absorb and radiate heat, essentially having heat sinks jutting out of it to aid with thermal dissipation.

AOL Visions - Natures Best Photography 2007 Award Winners - AOL Pictures
Just pretty pictures.