Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cycling Photo Book

RIDE. Images from the road
It hasn't been published yet, but a preview version of the book is available in PDF form. RIDE - Images from the road is a collection of over 100 photos taken by cyclists all over the globe. I don't know how many photos they had to cull through, but I don't think there's a single image in the collection that doesn't hold some form of interest. With barren wilderness, stunning vistas, moments of humanity, encounters with daily life and instances of frivolity and so much more, this book is well worth at least looking at in PDF form, and quite possibly owning. They should offer the ability to print single framed images in poster size (assuming they have a version that can scale up) for viewers to purchase.

My favorite images after a quick perusal are pages 95, 111 and 39. 39 seems an odd choice, but something about that image captures my attention, and obviously someone else's given its inclusion, despite its simple nature.

Hopes and Homes for the Children is the NGO choosen to recieve all the profits from this bookThe book sale proceeds are being donated to Hopes & Homes for the Children, and no one on the project is being paid for their contributions in order to maximize their earning power.

Thanks to Adventure Cycling's BikeBits newsletter for the link.