Monday, January 21, 2008


Thanks to JMG writing at GristMill for reminding of something that I had wanted to add to my post about the Tata Nano. It's a shame that the aspiration of Indian consumers and marketers is to make their lives look even more like developed countries. Why must they follow our path and not find their own? Do they really NEED automobiles and to restructure their lives, infrastructure and cities to accommodate a form of transportation?

I too take exception to the quote in the GristMill post linked above drawn from the Washington Post. "There must be a way to reconcile mass car ownership with global warming"

Why must we do this?

Note the sarcasm from JMG:
If we want to consume it, make it, eat it, drive it, there must
be a way to do so. There must be a way we can keep living oblivious
lives without guilt that those lives depend on other people not being able to do those things. Right?