Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Visually Interesting, Air Cleaning Building

Vincent Callebaut, Anti Smog Architecture in Paris, A Catalyst for Cleaner Air in Paris,  Air Cleaning Architecture in Paris, green building, green architecture, sustainable design, sustainable architecture, green design, Anti Smog, sustainable development, solar photovoltaic, vertical axis wind turbine, green roof, titanium dioxide, solar, solar drop, wind tower, antismog8.jpgThe building pictured here is designed to reduce smog. It surface is composed of solar PV panels and Titanium Dioxide. This metal reacts in combination with UV to break down some air pollution, essentially acting as a giant catalytic converter. More photos can be found on Inhabitat.

The building's small "Solar Drop" is located over unused railroad tracks and in addition to its anti-smog and energy generation collects rainwater through rooftop greenspaces. The adjoining "Wind Tower" contains a vertical axis wind turbines to generate additional electricity as well as containing greenspace.

The intended function of the building is musuem for urban sustainability and a space for teaching urban ecology.