Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reading Roundup: Mar 1

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It exists to limit the number of "read this" posts with minimal commentary on my part.

OOOPS! This was supposed to be posted last weekend! So, there will now be double goodness, because I have another edition already prepped to go. (I slaved)

StreetFilms » NYC Bike Move!
Video documentary of moving the contents of a one bedroom apartment by bicycle in Brooklyn.

Schneier on Security: Amtrak to Start Passenger Screening
I don't talk about security/privacy issues often. I have to agree with Mr. Schneier on these (and most airport) security arrangements. I certainly won't and don't feel safer with these arrangements.

GM’s Lutz: Still a Putz on Global Warming » Celsias
Perhaps a little overly snarky, but it is a nice calling out and analysis of GM Vice-Chairs recent really dumb public statements and responses to the furor of criticism that resulted.

Fiber Nanogenerators Put the Power in Power Walking
Pretty cool - personal power generation by moving. Great for those of us with a lot of nervous energy/twitches.

NASA's catalytic converter could reduce pollution by 30% - AutoblogGreen
I like how CO2 is considered less polluting. (though, they don't actually state that it converts CO to CO2, it may have a different product).

A Picture is Worth... That's the Bike Path? Good Luck! : TreeHugger
Amusing. Sometimes riding in a bike lane feels as precarious as this, give me a full lane anyday.

Encyclopedia of Life - Biodiversity of World Wildlife Unveiled -
30,000 out of 1.5 million species so far, but very very cool. Encyclopedia of Life

What the World Eats, Part I - Photo Essays - TIME
An informative photo essay that shows what various families around the world purchase to eat in a week and the cost of that food.