Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reading Roundup: Mar 22

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It exists to limit the number of "read this" posts with minimal commentary on my part.

Been a while since I had a picture on the roundup. A beautiful shot of a very old and large oak tree.

Fuel Cells: Japanese harness the power of hydrogen for electricity and hot water
A decent explanation of how home Fuel Cells work. Don't forget, Honda is advocating having a device like this installed at people's homes to provide Hydrogen to fuel the Clarity FCX.

Letters from Antarctica - Interview with a Climate Modeller » Celsias
Fascinating and inspiring interview with Kenneth Mankoff: climate modeler, software developer, satellite operator, climate model software provider, and many other things.

Excrement! » Celsias
So that's what happens to sewage sludge. Interesting solution, though the salient point is the way our industrial and residential waste is treated identically, even though they are drastically different in nature.

A special series on the Army Corps and the Mississippi River | Grist | Grist Feature | 17 Mar 2008
A brief history of the creation and growth of the Army Corps | By Jennifer Cutraro | Grist | Grist Feature | 17 Mar 2008
Remaking the Mississippi | By Patrick DiJusto and Keri Rosebraugh | Grist | Feature | 17 Mar 2008
Grist is running a series on the Army Corp of Engineers. Interesting background history of the corps in the second link and an interactive map of the Corps' Mississippi river projects in the third.

Mont. airports seek millions to screen few -
Wow. If I read this correctly, an airline in Montana wants the TSA to setup shop so that it can improve its bottom line by removing the burden of being shuttled to the front of a large airport to go through security.

Video: Hummer H2 Off-Road SNAFU : TreeHugger
Heh, this ranks up there with the story about the Hummer that pulls into a Jeep rally and has to be pulled off a stump by a 1980's model Jeep Scrambler.

Chicago compare and contrast - Cycle-Licious
This exchange is cute... A letter from a auto driver to cyclists and a response.