Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No, really?

According to a post at Gristmill by Joseph Romm, in which he responds to a Toronto Star quote...

The Toronto Star reported an alarming factoid earlier this month:

No gasoline-powered car assembled in North America would meet China's current fuel-efficiency standard.

That's mainly because:

  1. Currently, their standard is much higher than ours.
  2. Their standard is a minimum-allowable efficiency standard rather than a "fleet-average" standard like ours.
  3. Our lame car companies don't make their (relatively few) most efficient vehicles in this country.

As for our much-hyped new 35-mpg (average) standard -- in 2020, it will take us to where the Chinese are now (but not even to where Japan and Europe were six years ago). If we don't rescind it, that is.

Even if their enforcement is lax, and there is more to the story, at least they have a standard PER vehicle weight class, rather than average across all vehicles sold.