Tuesday, April 1, 2008

warmer weather will be a boon...

I think I mentioned recently that in a pseudo debate about the science of global warming that the denier in the argument stated something to the effect that a longer growing season would be a good thing. Too bad it isn't always that simple. Some plants biology can use the warmer temperatures. Others need a cycle of temperatures to develop properly. For example, Rice.

According to a post on Celsias, rice yields drop 10% for every degree of warming (celsius or fahrenheith isn't specified). The article continues, "it’s not just temperature overall, it’s actually the warmer night time temperatures that has the adverse effect. At the same time, population increases require a 1% annual increase in rice production to keep up with demand."

So much for that longer growing season for one of the staple crops of a very large portion of the worlds population. Some countries are taking steps to prevent unrest over rising costs and reduced availability by banning or reducing exports. Read more about it at "Fears of Unrest as Rice Prices Surge 30%."