Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eat Less Meat!

Mark Bittman, a food writer, discusses what he sees is wrong with food today, and presents an interesting look over the last 100 years of eating, from home cooked meals from locally grown foods, to global supply chains and international foods available in any season.

He does seem to think the locavore movement isn't the answer, declaring it "elitist" (see this excellent comment on GristMill by KMP about that). Aren't all food movements elitist in some way though? Vegans and Vegetarians and Gourmet's and Locavores all of his other circles that all come together for a love of good food. At the same time he is opposed to the the idiocy of farm raised foods shipped around the world and then trucked to the local market, so he doesn't completely dismiss the idea of eating as locally as possible.

To my view, he doesn't come up with a better vision, other than to eat real foods, organic when possible, and only 1/2 pound of meat a week. Sounds good to me, now if only all of the food at my market didn't come from California, Costa Rica and Chile. My local farmers markets are just getting into the swing of things and the few local CSA's are already oversubscribed. I hope my deck containers do a good job of producing the veggies I like.

Personally, another thing I'm trying to do for my eating manifesto is to also eat in season produce, which was somewhat tough during the in winter, and seems tougher right now with the winter squashes no longer available, but no real spring produce around.