Sunday, May 4, 2008

Reading Roundup: May 4

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It exists to limit the number of "read this" posts with minimal commentary on my part.

Carfree Family: Let's All Go Green!!!! :)
*snort* I love sarcasm. Check out this video of how we can save the world by buying the right things. "Free Range Chinese Silkworms"

US Environmental Destruction Agency: Making National Parks Coal-Friendly : TreeHugger
Title says it all.

Dragon Power Station makes electricity from traffic - AutoblogGreen
A novel idea to generate electricity from heavy trucks driving over plates using hydraulic pressure.

WorldChanging: How the West was warmed
I'd been intending to dig into these maps and make my own post, but I'll let Eric de Place to the analysis of CO2 emissions hotspots, and the relate that to population densities. Cities == low per person emissions vs large rural areas.

The experiment | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
A thought experiment about sustainability of ethanol.

Plan of surrender | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
Warning, THIS IS SARCASM, do not take it seriously as there are many incorrect statements in it. Why link it? Because sarcasm makes a serious point and its funny. In this case about the idiocy of main stream media and politicians.

Danger rides 'get-there-itis' --
Good read about one of the main reasons people get hurt and do dangerous/unexpected things when driving or riding bicycles. I'm guilty of not stopping for every stop sign, but I do slow and check the intersection before rolling through. (caught from

F*ck the Earth Day | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
A little slow, but an anti-earth day sarcastic video (with dirty language).

Offsets For Avatars (For Virtual Dollars) « Earth2Tech
Huh? You can buy emissions offsets for the activities of your online game characters activities. How about we do something REAL to reduce emissions folks.