Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The SUBs (Sport Utility Bikes)

Since I exist mostly car-free and use my bicycle for errands as well as recreation (sadly, not for commuting), I'm always interested in seeing new designs to make the bicycle even more useful. Cargo bikes and trikes are not a new development, but at least on me, the system designed by Xtracycle and subsequently built by other companies, such as Surly's Big Dummy frame are great to see.

And while checking out all the great accessories (a bike rack, yes really) that are available as well as third party add-ons (electric assist motor!) to equip these 200 pound cargo capacity wonders, I stumbled upon the blog for a family who has one of these frames and has built their own add-ons to carry two children and cargo bags on a single bicycle. And they're going on a two week bike tour.

Check out their post about the trip and what they've built to make the bike work for them at A Long Walk to Green.