Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reading Roundup: Oct. 21

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes.  It consists of links to articles and websites that I find interesting but don't have a enough to say to warrant a standalone post.

Waste Not, Want Not: A New Approach to Solar - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com
Combining heat collection and use and Electric generation in the same space with solar panels.  Good thinking.

Are you better off than you were eight years ago? | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
Probably not, some of us may be better off, but a whole lot of us aren't.  Frightening to see that my state's median household income is about 15K less than the national average.

A new plan for a 'green recovery' | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
A green community view on job creation that doesn't cost the government 700 billion.

Em Oh En Dee Ay Why | The Car Whisperer
This is Katy's interpretation of cycling apparently:

We just saw an ad for a living will service. She says I need to complete one and not her because she's not the one who rides her big wheel in a pack of maniacs also on big wheels wearing only their underwear and a styrofoam cup on their head.

Action Wipes - The Ultimate Wet Wipes for Outdoor Sports & Yoga
Cool, no more smelling like a babies bottom when cleaning up in a pinch during a hike or ride.

This American Life : 355 The Giant Pool of Money
This American Life : 363 Enforcers
Interesting listens (though long) about some of the internal machinations of the financial system operation during the sub-prime mortgage bubble and resulting crisis of faith in financial markets.