Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Signage...

By way of the Greater City:Providence blog, I was pointed towards an article about sign design in Rhode Island, more specifically, the lack of good signs. What piqued my interest was the inclusion of a photo of the new India Point Bridge on Jef's post, lifted from the RI Monthly article talking about the same topic.

I've always thought that the lettering on the new India Point Bridge was underwhelming in its presentation. The colors and letters make me think that the thing was build in the 1950s and its a miracle the letters are still there. Pretty bad for something that was completed and opened just last year. Following in Jef's tradition, below is the original on the left and a suggested improvement as suggested by Tyler Smith

Tyler doesn't point it out, but given the width of that label on the bridge, what driver has time to read it...Though I think his version may be a little too small, dropping the word bridge is certainly welcome. Reminds me of the very well labeled building on Thayer street. [which I can't get to my picture of because I don't have a flickr pro account...grr]

At any rate, some interesting ideas about sign design and Rhode Island's state identity can be read over at RI Monthly, and be sure to check out Jef's thoughts too over at GC:PVD.