Friday, July 3, 2009

Odyssey Route: As Final as it Gets

After much stressing, and a way too busy life, the 4th of July holiday has given me time to focus on getting the map finalized. Coupled with having a pseudo-decision from Family to have a large gathering on August 15th at the "country estate". On the upside, this means I'll have an enforced rest day. Downside is it forces a 100 mile day, assuming I don't choose to sag the last 100 miles into Pittsburgh. Of course, getting to the farm also implies a bit of a northward jog. Perhaps I'll redo the route off of the water gap to remove the need to work north again on day 7. This means I now have semi-fixed dates of travel. Leaving Providence on Saturday the 8th, arriving Patchinville, PA on Friday the 14th, Arriving Pittsburgh on the 16th. Only question now is how to get back after spending a couple of days in Pittsburgh visiting friends.

There comments embedded in each days route about my expectations for that days riding, unfortunately, I wanted to keep the entire route on a single page, so I eliminated all of the routes that would have indicated the more southern route implied by following the Adventure Cycling Atlantic Route to Norristown and then catching PA Bike Route S.

View Prov to Pitt Bike Route in a larger map

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