Friday, January 8, 2010

reBlog from Vitamins that Kill | Fooducate

I've recently discovered the Fooducate blog and it is quickly becoming one of my most looked forward to reads of the day (thank goodness they only post one article a day [I'm looking at you TreeHugger])

Says Emily Anthes – we should stop treating supplements like health candy and more like prescription meds, to be used only when there’s a demonstrated, Vitamins that Kill | Fooducate, Jan 2010

Today's post talks about the supplements industry, essentially saying that supplements are unnecessary for most people's lives if they eat a varied diet of real food. (In the Michael Pollan sense).  I've personally gotten off all of my supplements as they've run out in the last year, partly because of repeatedly seeing statements to this effect.  The last one I quit taking was Glucosamine/Chondroitin, largely because for a long time I had pain in my knees when flexing them deeply.  After several months, I believed I felt an improvement.  After several years, I now wonder if self-medicating is related to the tinnitus I've developed in one ear.

I also found interesting their recent article discussing a study that indicates that artificial sweeteners such as those found in diet soft drinks may be linked to weight gain and obesity due to a dulling effect on the sweetness receptors on the tongue.  Worth a read as well.

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