Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roundup of Recent Things

First, a funny, in the spirit of facts about Chuck Norris recurring memes and invented 'facts'. ZeFrank, in a recent edition of ashow, created a True Facts about Morgan Freeman. Totally worth the 2 minutes of your day to hear that Morgan Freeman narrates a documentary, and then nature makes it so.

More seriously, Leo Babauta gives yet another set of suggestions on how to form new habits and get over being afraid of ourselves by overcoming our discomforts that hold us back. As can be expected, the answer is to do overcome them gradually and embrace the discomfort as a learning experience, but don't make it self-torture.

When people are stressed, they often turn to cigarettes, food, shopping, alcohol, drugs … anything to get rid of the disomfort of the thing that’s stressing them out. And yet, if you take a deeper look at the stress, it’s really an unfounded fear that’s causing it (usually the fear that we’re not good enough), and if we examined it and gave it some light of day, it would start to go away.