Friday, October 5, 2007

Calculate your environmental impact

There are a host of sites out there that allow calculation of carbon footprints, but this one has something I hadn't seen before. Not just suggestions on how to reduce energy consumption and waste production, but items for sale and rent to help analyze in the home what is going on, rather than relying on the generalized assumptions and averages that are produced. As with other such quizes, some of the questions about energy usage and pollution generated just aren't easily answerable without being an expert on the subject.

I especially like their idea of doing a "wind survey" at the home with a device that you can rent from them. I don't think that wind power is going to be very popular in urban areas, and energy efforts need to be focused at the mass generation end of the scale to make energy production cleaner, but a great idea nonetheless.

I really like the powercost meter as well. Combine that with a GreenSwitch (post coming soon) and get proof positive of efforts to cut energy consumption.

They also offer a program to purchase wind power as an offset to traditional generation.