Friday, October 5, 2007

Car Free for a Week

A local newspaper reporter in Madison, WI attempts to go car free for a week and documents his experience.

My takeaway from reading this is that he enjoyed it immensely with such a short exposure, and that it is just too easy in our culture to immediately think of our vehicles when we need to run an errand of any length.

In my own experience, people think walking a mile for an errand is a long walk. If you aren't in a hurry and leave plenty of time to walk it at a comfortable pace, it isn't that bad. A little different story if there is something to be carried, but even then, if it isn't that bulky, a commuter bicycle with bags can accomplish the task.

Of course, commuter bikes need to be more affordable and present in the bike shops, and consumers have to want to make that shift in their lives.