Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Filtering and Cooling Water Pitchers

Had the random idea this morning in thinking of gifts for people. All those hideous plastic containers that people have in their fridges and on their counters to store their filtered tap water in.

My idea is for a pitcher that does the same thing, made of unglazed terracotta so that evaporative cooling can cool the water to slightly lower than room temperature. Has a glazed upper chamber that has a sealing ring for accepting standard activated charcoal water pitcher filters or ceramic/silver filters. I think the upper chamber would need to be glazed to make sure water from the upper chamber doesn't get into the lower chamber without filtering.

It would need to have a lid that seals and would stay on when poured and need a vent hole to allow gravity to move the water from the upper to the lower chamber.

I wasn't able to find anything exactly like this. There is an unglazed terracotta pitcher available, as well as 2 different designs (Wellness Goods, Stefani)that I found for a filtering dispenser with a tap, but nothing that I'd think you would proudly put on your dining table or on your counter.

Anybody know of a custom pottery practitioner that would be able to execute this idea?