Monday, October 8, 2007

Michael Jessen on ZeroWaste

Via TreeHugger (perhaps I need to get a more extensive reading list).

Very eloquently said:

Humans are the only species on the planet that don't live by zero waste principles. Zero waste is a 'call to action' that aims to bring an end to the current 'take, make and waste' mentality of human society.
From "Discarding the Idea of Waste: The Need for a Zero Waste Policy." A large portion of it is devoted to places where groups and governments have formed task forces, coalitions and other steps to implement waste reduction and increase recycling.

An interesting and frightening excerpt:
His conclusion: 94 percent of the materials extracted for use in manufacturing becomes waste before the product is even made. And 80 percent of what’s left becomes waste within six weeks of use.
The document is primarily concerned with natural resources and solid waste products. But also think of all of the waste heat that is generated and lost to the atmosphere by household air conditioning units, automobiles, electric plants. All of these represent an opportunity to more efficiently use the resources we are extracting and stretch them further.