Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cycling Love

Been a few days since I posted anything about cycling, and I'm getting the jitters. Found this post by Alan Durning on Grist. In it is a 30 minute video from StreetFilms that shows many aspects of the cycling culture in Portland, OR. I'm most impressed with the integration of the bikepath with the street network by providing "transition" intersections, though bike boulevards are pretty darn nice too. It is worth the watch to see somewhere that is taking non-motor vehicle traffic seriously, including enforcement actions by the police.

Mr. Durning also links to a PDF (59 pages) wherein a researcher has attempted to distill what Copenhagen has done to make that city cycling friendly. The photo he points out on page 4 of the document is impressive, the furniture is bigger than the bike. The PDF has many pages that detail the layout details of the various street types and intersections. Very detailed and probably of good use to traffic/street designers in any city that intends to be better to cyclists.

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