Friday, November 16, 2007

Global Warming and Political Will

In a recent senate session, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) delivered a speech that points out what it is going to take to pass meaningful legislation and attempt to get our rampant consumption of energy and production of pollutants under control - political will.

The senator goes on makes some suggestions for ways in which the Lieberman-Warner bill currently progressing through the Senate should be improved to make it a stronger piece of legislation for the US to begin making steps towards polluting less, and addressing global warming.

If you care at all about the environment, and want to read the words of a politician who obviously does care, read the text of the speech that the Senator posted to Grist.

In committee review of the bill, Sanders attempted to get the strengthening he proposes added to the bill, but was unable to. As a result, in committee, he voted against submitting the legislation to the full senate. Sen. Lieberman appears to have already have had enough support in the committee to not need to entertain Sanders proposals seriously for Sanders support.

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