Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Cycling Trade Show in RI ?

Ripped from the December 6th RoadBikeRider (link may be to the wrong one, sorry) newsletter:
Interbike is considering an East
Coast version of the popular Outdoor Demo that's held in conjunction
with its annual cycling trade show in Las Vegas. A big difference in the
East may be a consumer day, allowing enthusiasts to see and ride new
2009 bikes and equipment. Interbike has set Oct. 16-18 for the East
event, subject to a survey sent to hundreds of eastern-U.S. bike shops
and manufacturers. The first two demo days, Thursday and Friday, would
be trade only; Saturday would be open to the public. The proposed venue
is Roger Williams Park near Providence, Rhode Island. According to
Interbike, "The East Coast Demo will have professional seminars,
technical clinics, networking opportunities -- a lot of the core things
we do at the [Las Vegas] show, but in a much more loose and inexpensive

Who cares about if they allow us consumers in, to think that Rhode Island is a likely place for it to be held is heady enough.

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