Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reading Roundup: Dec 22

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It exists to limit the number of "read this" posts with minimal commentary on my part.

Incandescent Light Bulb Ban, Energy Efficiency - Congress Likely to Pass Incandescent Light Bulb Ban -
Little heralded in all the coverage about changes to the CAFE standards
for autos, Renewable Energy Portfolio, Renewable Fuel Standards and tax
breaks for energy companies, the new energy bill also contains a
section covering the efficiency of light bulbs, which will probably
spur the push to CFL, CCFL and LED lighting, or a major improvement in
incandescent bulbs.

Legally Speaking - with Bob Mionske: Look! It's a bike; it's a pedestrian; it's a...
And more things from the energy bill - Removal of the Bicycle Commuter tax benefit is mentioned in passing. Also an amusing look at what a high-wheeler or penny-farthing is considered in the transportation code. (hint, in some places, it isn't a bicycle)

Twenty-year-old Civics got 57 miles per gallon - Dec. 19, 2007
Fuel efficiency decreases over the past several years re-explained using the Honda Civic CRX model.

StreetFilms » Illustrating Parking Reform with Dr. Shoup
A video interview espousing the theory that a large portion of congestion in urban areas is caused by traffic circling in search of inexpensive parking. That raising parking rates and turning that money back into street improvements will lead to greater parking turnover, less congestion and improved street amenities.

A Picture is Worth...The Sum of the (Car) Parts... : TreeHugger
Cool photo of all of the parts in a smallish car. Check out the "quiz" as well, and the larger version on Core77