Monday, December 17, 2007

Reframing the Green Argument for Change

An argument that it is not difficult to live a healthy, green, clean, responsible and sustainable lifestyle. And why all who assume that it will be hard should just shut up for a while.
But underneath it is always the the hair-shirt: in the creed of those
not motivated by greed (lefties), nothing worthwhile could ever be easy.

The article examines why the "its going to be hard" argument isn't helpful and damages the efforts to get individuals to change their ways. It isn't going to be hard, its going to be different is the better message. The hard part is in getting politics to take a stand for the changes and individuals to act in communities.

TalkClimateChange has a followup post that asks the question in a slightly different way, "The real debate should be about finding the sensible middle ground. How
do we balance the achievable against the necessity to make some
sensible and tangible progress?"