Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reading Roundup: Jan. 1

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It exists to limit the number of "read this" posts with minimal commentary on my part.

APOD: 2007 December 22 - Tyrrhenian Sea and Solstice Sky
I seem to be developing a habit of including a photo or set of photos in the reading roundup, so to continue the tradition, sunrise to sunset time lapse taken on the day of the Winter Solstice in 2005.

Builder reduces its carbon footprint: Pays Off (Triple Pundit)
Deltec Homes, manufacturer of prefabricated round homes, is switching to 100% renewable energy resources and is the the largest private generator of solar power in North Carolina. I've seen a television program once watching the assembly of one of these homes, very cool system, and glad to read about their commitment to reducing waste and renewable energy use.

The Associated Press: 'Drilling Up' Into Space for Energy
US Department of Defense and the Pacific island nation Palau in a joint project to collect solar energy on an orbiting satellite and send it to an an ground station using microwaves. Project to generate 1MW and be deployed by 2012. Explore all avenues, but this one sounds like it may not become very widespread to me.

Got a Supercomputer? Run It By Bicycle! : TreeHugger
Modeling fusion reactions on human power. Too bad I didn't scoop this one, I was talking with a gentleman at MIT the day after it happened.