Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Biocompatible Cleaning Products

Can't quite remember which of my reading sources got me a link to this, likely TreeHugger or Planet Green. At any rate, for those (like me) who want to use soaps that aren't a chemical stew and think that someday, here's a type of soap I hadn't seen before. Oasis Biocompatible cleaning products. Designed to not only biodegrade, but to degrade into useful compounds for plants. Its suitable for any sort of water treatment system, and better yet, since its biocompatible, it might be used with less concern about salt buildup than other soaps in grey water irrigation systems. My only other question was if it is compatible with High Efficiency front loading washers, since they use less water, they are prone to soap buildups in detergent formulas not designed for HE washers. It may seem expensive at $21/gallon, but figure that's 64 to 132 loads of laundry at the suggested use rates. It is also claimed to be usable for general cleaning. What a thought, a single cleaner for the entire home (beside baking soda and vinegar).