Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Treading the thin line

I've often thought that the writing I do here needs to walk a fine line. On one side is preachy, I'm better than you, morals based exhortations that the world needs to change. This side risks taking "on a screeching whine that turns otherwise intelligent and concerned people off isn’t too much of a stretch." On the other side, I prefer more realistic approaches to new ideas, technologies and solutions that will be acceptable to the larger audience of the world population.

Tom Schueneman, writing at TriplePundit, posted an essay discussing an article on by Brad Allenby. The point is that those of us who consider ourselves "green" and act as ambassadors for change to the world must be careful to not become caught up in "moral authoritarianism", a fundamentalism that "suggests an abandonment of reason...that rejects open dialog and nuanced consideration of view outside our own."