Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading Roundup: Sept. 9

Reading Roundup is a regular feature of WebEchoes. It consists of links to articles and websites that I find interesting but don't have a enough to say to warrant a standalone post.

Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media: Photosynth Launches
Cool tool for taking a bunch of photos and using stitching to make a 3 dimensional interactive model from them. Too bad it doesn't run on macs. Reminds me of Quicktime VR a bit.

Carbon Negative Quest: Portland Gym Converts Energy Of Pedal Bikes Into Electricity | TriplePundit
Excellent application of existing technologies and creativity. I'm wondering about the choice to not install showers, though. I guess the intent is members go straight to somewhere with showers from the gym (eg: after work), or do a light workout.

Bikes as Transportation: Bike Route Mapping Archives
How to build a bike map for a city without major funding and outside the formal auspices of city government. I'm not privy to how the Providence bike routes were chosen, but so far I certainly disagree with those choices. A process such as the one outline here would probably have solved my complaints. (heavily used major routes, fast downhills into stop lights)

Creative Recycling: 747 Turned into Hostel : TreeHugger

Eco-Libris: Can Wheat Straw Replace Trees as a Source of Paper? : Sustainablog
Good questions in the article about energy and financial costs. My own question is what happens to the wheat straw now... is using the straw in this way disruptive to some other established cycle. I also wonder if this would be subject to the same problem as cellulosic ethanol - distributed material sourcing requiring a lot of costly transportation to a processing facitity.

A By-the-Numbers Look at Paper Recycling: Does One Person’s Effort Do Any Good? : Sustainablog
Cool stats on how much paper a tree produces in common contexts (reams, magazines, newspapers).

Peter Callesen
This looks like the European (german?) art of scherenschnitte meets Origami. Browse through a couple of the galleries to see more examples like the one to the left.