Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Very Different Videos

At TED 2008(tired of the TED videos yet?), Robert Ballard makes a presentation about ocean exploration. His biggest complaint is the amount of effort spent in exploring the solar system and universe and how little has been spent exploring and understanding our own oceans. Take a brief trip through the oceans with him in this 18 minute presentation.

I wanted to title a post just for the next video Echo of an Echo. Why that non-catchy title? Clay Shirky, long time web commentator and author of what I've heard is an excellent book Here Comes Everybody about collaboration and community on the internet makes a presentation (hey, look, its not a TED presentation, but it could have been) about the web (hey, an echo) and the cognitive surplus that is represented by various social software sites (eg: Wikipedia, etc.). And he asks the question, what if 1% of the cognitive surplus consumed by television went into social media? Quite possibly amazing things.