Friday, December 5, 2008

The Problem with Video Game Reviews

I don't follow game reviews at all. When I'm purchasing, I look at the game, look at the cover art, try to guess what the experience is going to be like and decide if I'm willing to spend the money to entertain myself. Many times I'll take the input of others who have already tried the game. At $60 a shot, I'm a lot more selective than a $10 movie, book, or really, any other entertainment event... and probably nearly equally selective to something like going to a concert (which in a lot of cases, costs about the same amount these days).

My take away, he's saying gaming review/media needs to achieve the level of sophistication that reviews for other "arts" do, because there are people out there (not me) who actually care about the art form, and aren't just going to buy the latest 'blockbuster' because a bunch of reviewers gave it a high score. Makes the thumbs up/thumbs down rating system, as symplistic as it is, more useful, because it forces you to figure out the nuance between those vastly different poles.

Thanks go to Shamus at Twenty-Sided Tale for his thoughts and posting this to his site.

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